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We’re so excited to introduce you to FETCH. Our mobile app designed to help you “fetch” your Technology Advisor.

For years, reaching out to your tech support team meant creating an email, calling helpdesk, or filling out a web form. But technology has advanced, your team should too.

This is no longer the case with FETCH:

  • Have a quick question – Open the app and send a message straight to your Technology Advisor in realtime.
  • Involved in a project – Find the entire project team, related files and to-dos, right in the app.
  • Need to send a file, picture or video? Head over to FETCH!

Sure, you can always email help@redrover.tech, or call our helpdesk if you’d rather hear our voices. However, we anticipate that using the app will improve client communication and efficiency when dealing with technical issues.

Reach our to your Technology advisor to get a signup link.

You can also access the app from your web browser: https://fetch.redrover.tech/

Updated on April 30, 2024

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